What you should be looking for in a family lawyer

Family lawyers are a means to an end, or at least they should be. Our job is to help you get through a tough time, and to do so in the most efficient and least costly way possible. You want a lawyer you can build a rapport with and who you know cares for your […]

Looking for a shark lawyer to take down your ex? I’m not that guy

As a family lawyer, I see people in some of their lowest moments. I see them when they’re feeling hurt, abandoned, and insecure about their future or their children’s future. Separation is a moment in life when people feel particularly vulnerable and emotional. Most of my clients cry in the first meeting. In those difficult […]

De-Facto Relationships in Western Australia

Family Law

Some people think that if they live with someone for two years there is a presumption that all assets will be split 50/50, which is incorrect. You firstly must establish the existence of a de-facto relationship. A de-facto relationship in Western Australia is defined as a “marriage like relationship” as set out in s13A of […]

COVID-19 and Child Support Obligations

Family Law Covid

Recent Case Law – http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/cth/FamCA/2020/526.html In the recent matter of Martyn & Martyn [2020] FamCA 526, a binding child support agreement entered into by the parties in 2012 was set aside after it was found that the COVID-19 pandemic was an “exceptional circumstance” and the father would suffer hardship if the agreement was not set […]

Household Expenses after Separation

family law

Who pays the household expenses, including the home loan, when you separate? Separation can be an extremely emotional and confusing time, however there are important commitments that separating couples need to put to the forefront of their minds during this period. One of the most common financial commitments is to the bank. Who should be […]

Formalising your Property Settlement Agreement

Property Law

Should you and your former spouse or de-facto partner be able to reach an agreement, there are two ways in which a property settlement agreement can be formalised. The first is by way of an Application for Consent Orders which is submitted to the Family Court for approval. The second is by way of a […]

High Profile Australian Case

DNA Testing For Fraud

High Profile Australian case on Paternity Fraud, Deceit and the chances of compensation to the duped father. Published on August 18, 2020, Jacob Romano – CEO, Family Law Press Ms Magill had made false representations in the course of the marriage concerning the paternity of children born during the marriage. DNA testing after the marriage […]

Not Just and Equitable

Recent Case Law – https://pinpoint.cch.com.au/document/legauUio3259140sl1159247621/grady-chilcott-2020-flc-93- 968 Not always is it simply a matter of “what’s yours is now mine” when it comes to a family law property settlement. In the recent matter of Grady & Chilcott (2020) FLC 93-968, the Full Court dismissed the de-facto wife’s appeal against the trial judge’s decision not to alter […]

De-Facto Relationships and Superannuation in Western Australia

Under the Commonwealth legislation governing separating married couples, the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), when married couples separate superannuation is considered an asset of the relationship and in some circumstances a superannuation splitting order is made. This means that a portion of one party’s superannuation entitlement is split from the overall entitlement and rolled over […]