Covid-19 Safety Plan

It’s important to keep informed about the changing nature of Covid-19 and other workplace requirements. We’ve put together a helpful resource you can download. You can find additional information at Fair Work here: ABC: WA eases mandatory COVID vaccination requirements for most workers as cases slow Download the Lotus Legal Covid-19 Safety Plan For […]

Formalising your Property Settlement Agreement

Property Law

Should you and your former spouse or de-facto partner be able to reach an agreement, there are two ways in which a property settlement agreement can be formalised. The first is by way of an Application for Consent Orders which is submitted to the Family Court for approval. The second is by way of a […]

Not Just and Equitable

Recent Case Law – 968 Not always is it simply a matter of “what’s yours is now mine” when it comes to a family law property settlement. In the recent matter of Grady & Chilcott (2020) FLC 93-968, the Full Court dismissed the de-facto wife’s appeal against the trial judge’s decision not to alter […]