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Learn About Our Employee Perks and Benefits​


We understand that life outside of work and things like attending your children’s school events and caring for family are important. We provide the flexibility to be able to live your life.

Corporate Massage

We care about the health of our team and provide corporate massage to all our staff every fortnight.


We celebrate holidays such as Christmas and attend charity movie nights.


We love to celebrate birthdays and career milestones! At Lotus Legal, you will be recognised during such days.

Flu Vaccinations

We dislike getting the flu as much as you do. Free annual flu vaccinations are available to our team members on request.


Help yourself to our fruit bowl at no cost. This is another way we help our team stay healthy.

Career Development

If you want to advance your career, you will have the opportunity to get involved with your clients, have regular access to management and senior staff to continuously build your skill set.


Professional development sessions are provided through our suppliers. Continued education is always encouraged and we encourage your growth within our business.

Well Days

We offer each team member three ‘well days’ per year. Well days are days that can be utilised at any time and they promote mental health amongst the team.

Drinks & Biscuits

Sometimes you just need to have a treat to get you through the day and we provide our staff with non alcoholic drinks and biscuits.

Career Pathways

We can provide the opportunity to grow your skill set within our firm through extra training in various facets of the industry.

Social Club

Our firm is well known for its active social club. You can enjoy socialising with your teammates and their families throughout the year.