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Are you entering into an agreement? Are you clear on what you’re about to sign? Contracts are inherently risky, even more so when you’re not sure what they mean. Having a contract lawyer by your side who knows your rights and obligations reduces the chances of disagreements, liability and financial loss down the track.

Engaging a contract lawyer will:

  • Outline expectations of an agreement e.g. when you’ll get paid;

  • Reduce the risk of financial loss;

  • Protect your intellectual property;

  • Protects you from liability;

  • Protect your assets (business and personal); and

  • Minimise disputes.

Why Choose Lotus Legal?

Lotus Legal helps you understand your agreement from a legal perspective. We clearly explain your rights and obligations and help you enter your agreement with full transparency.

We’re your advocates. We make sure your contract reflects your interests. You’ll feel looked after from the beginning. 

We offer contract legal advice to protect individuals, businesses and corporations. We help you create all contracts, including but not limited to:

  • Lease contracts;

  • Business settlement contracts;

  • Property settlement contracts; and

  • Employment contracts.

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