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Do you need advice on a property agreement? Have you hit a legal road bump and are not sure what to do next? 

There are risks in every investment. Unfortunately, by the time most people contact a property lawyer, they’re already in trouble.

Property lawyers can advise you on property settlements, lease agreements, investments, loans, strata titles and much more. If it’s about property, Lotus Legal is here to help.

Do You Need Property Advice?

At Lotus Legal, we have over 17 years’ experience in property law in Perth. We have assisted business owners, developers, landlords, home buyers, and sellers draw up contracts, negotiate agreements and navigate tricky legal issues.

We make our specialised knowledge simple. We help you understand your rights and obligations and give you legal advice specific to your situation. We’re property lawyers who actually care.

Our Property Law Services Include:

Property Settlements

  • Preparing and registering mortgages/discharges of mortgages.
  • Preparing vendor finance loan documentation.
  • Solicitor guarantee advice.



  • Preparing and reviewing license agreements.
  • Preparing option agreements.
  • Preparing co-ownership agreements.
  • Deeds of partition.


  • Building contract reviews.



  • Commercial leasing.
  • Preparing and reviewing joint venture agreements.
  • Preparing and registering caveats/withdrawals of caveat.
  • Related party transfers.
  • Preparing easements, rights of way, restrictive covenants, notifications, and memorials.
  • Strata titles advice.

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