Changing the Distribution of a Deceased Estate

It is not uncommon that beneficiaries wish to change the distribution of a deceased estate.

Where all beneficiaries agree, a Deed of Family Arrangement may be used to affect the financial consequences of a Will or the Administration Act 1903 (WA) for the beneficiaries.

Commonly, a Deed of Family Arrangement may be used where:

  • a beneficiary is disclaiming their right to an inheritance;
  • the beneficiaries agree to change how the assets are distributed between them; or
  • the beneficiaries agree to include a child or grandchild who did not receive an inheritance under the deceased’s Will.

A Deed of Family Arrangement may be a faster and more cost-effective way to effect the desired change to the distribution of assets.

Consider the example where the deceased, John, has a Will and John’s estate has:

  • a residential home valued at $200,000; and
  • a bank account which holds $200,000.

Mary wants the cash while David wants the property, but John’s Will provides that John’s estate be distributed as follows:

  • Mary is given the residential home; and
  • David is given the $200,000 in the bank account.

In this scenario a Deed of Family Arrangement is a faster and more cost-effective way to achieve the desired outcome than David buying the property from Mary as:

  • the settlement process to transfer the property to David is much faster and simpler; and
  • Mary and David can reduce legal and settlement costs and stamp duty.

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