Looking for shark lawyers to take down your ex? We’re not that type of law firm

As family lawyers, we see people in some of their lowest moments.

We see them when they’re feeling hurt, abandoned, and insecure about their future or their children’s future. Separation is a moment in life when people feel particularly vulnerable and emotional.

Most of our clients cry in the first meeting.

In those difficult moments, it’s important for a lawyer to handle those feelings with sensitivity, and listen to their client, but also to provide some level of guidance and assurance, and push for the healthiest possible resolution

Some people come to us looking for a guide through the difficult and confusing legal process in front of them. Others come to me looking for someone to stick it to their ex no matter the consequences for everyone involved.

In case you’re wondering, We’re not that type of law firm.

We are not shark lawyers – the one who is going to take down your ex-husband or wife, no matter what it takes. Sure, going after your ex in court might make you feel better in the short term, but it’s not going to do anything to help you in the long run.

All you’re going to be left with is an expensive legal bill, the ire of the Family Court, and a bad relationship with your ex.

One of our pet peeves is when lawyers bring their own aggression to an already fraught situation. It doesn’t help, and it doesn’t solve anything.

We are solutions-focused, and like to work with people who are looking for a resolution, not an argument. Your lawyer should be helping to navigate a complex legal space, not ramping up an already difficult and emotional situation.

At the end of this re-calibrating of your life and your boundaries, you’ll still have to live in a world where the other person exists. For some of you that will mean sharing custody, and working out parenting arrangements and ways your extended families can interact.

For others, it will mean having a financial settlement you can both live with.

In more extreme circumstances, it could mean putting in place appropriate orders to ensure your safety.

What we want for our clients is to make sure that the terms of the agreement are ones that they can live with, and that meet the needs of their family.

If you need help with your family law arrangements, you can reach the team from Lotus Legal on (08) 9305 9529.

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