Further Minimum Award Rate Increases from 1 October 2022

Further to our blog earlier this year, an increase to the minimum wage has come into effect for several modern awards as of 1 October 2022.

This update comes as part of the Fair Work Commission’s 2022 Federal minimum award wage increase and affects the following ten modern awards:

  • Air Pilots Award
  • Aircraft Cabin Crew Award
  • Airline Operations – Ground Staff Award
  • Airport Employees Award
  • Airservices Australia Enterprise Award 2016
  • Hospitality Industry (General) Award
  • Registered and Licensed Clubs Award
  • Restaurant Industry Award
  • Alpine Resorts Award
  • Marine Tourism and Charter Vessels Award

Employees under these awards will see a wage increase of 4.6 percent for wages above $869.60 per week or $40 per week for those below that amount.

It is vital for employers to be aware of any awards that apply to their employees and stay up-to-date with changes to modern awards, as failure to comply with minimum wages can result in significant penalties for businesses.

If you’re not sure whether you or your business are impacted by these award rate increases, please contact our employment lawyer, Natalie Knight at Lotus Legal on (08) 9305 9529 or by email at natalie@lotus-legal.com.au.

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